- Election date: April 26,1964

- Rate of turnout: 97.77% of 8,580,002 voters

- Total of candidates: 453

- Number of elected deputies: 366

- Number of deputies continued in office: 87

- Structure of National Assembly:

+ Workers: 12.4%

+ Farmers: 24.5%

+ Intellectuals: 26.8%

+ Political officials: 19.2%

+ Army staff: 5.0%

+ Others: 11.2%

Characteristics and Marks of the term

The third National Assembly, organised in line with the 1959 Constitution, was the one of a period when the country was implementing two revolutionary strategies, and a period of fighting the America for national salvation with the motto of “all for the front, all for the victory over US invaders”. In the north, socialism building was underway and in the south, the liberation struggle strengthened. The patriotism movement reached an unprecedented peak.
The National Assembly’s activities made important contributions to the completion of economic recovery and building in the north and the strengthening of the struggle against the US for national salvation in the south. The National Assembly worked out suitable policies on democracy while paying attention to the multi-faceted and daily interests of the people from all walks of life and contributing to ensuring the enforcement and efficiency of the State administration in socialism building in the north and the liberation of the south, heading towards national reunification.
Mobilising resources from all fields for the fight and victory, safeguarding the north and liberating the south;
Maintaining and developing production to suit the wartime situation, aiming to meet immediate demands and make long-term preparations; and
Meeting demand for food, clothing, accommodation, travel, health care, and education.
On March 2, 1969, President Ho Chi Minh passed away. On September 9, the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly, the Government, and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee held a memorial ceremony for the late leader at Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi.

Outstanding plenary sessions

Outstanding plenary sessions

* First session in Hanoi from June 27 to July 3, 1964

- The National Assembly elected:

+ State President: Ho Chi Minh

+ Vice State President: Ton Duc Thang

+ The National Assembly Standing Committee: 23 full and three alternate members

+ National Assembly Chairman: Truong Chinh

+ Prime Minister: Pham Van Dong

+ National Assembly Committees: Law-Building Committee; Planning-Budget Committee; Committee on Ethnic Affairs; Committee on Unification; Committee on Socio-cultural Affairs

* Fourth session from May 19-22, 1968

The National Assembly issued a resolution on the extension of the third National Assembly’s tenure and assigned the National Assembly Standing Committee to decide on the organisation of the election of deputies to the fourth National Assembly when conditions permitted.

* On September 22, 1969, the fifth session convened a special meeting to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh, and elected Ton Duc Thang as the new State President.

The third National Assembly ran from June 1964 to June 1971 with seven plenary sessions.

Laws passed by the 3rd National Assembly

  • April 25, 1965 :
    Law on amendments and supplements to the Law on Military Oblligation
  • October 27, 1966 :
    Ordinance on the prohibition of illegal alcohol production
  • April 11, 1967 :
    Ordinance on a number of regulations on the election and organisation of People’s Councils and Administrative Committees at all levels during wartime.
  • January 15, 1970 :
    Ordinance on the naming of the State honours of Labour Hero and Hero of People’s Armed Forces
  • January 27, 1970 :
    Ordinance on amendments to Article 15 of the Ordinance on detailed regulations on the organisation of the Supreme People’s Court and the organisation of the local People’s Courts promulgated on March 23, 1961
  • January 27, 1970 :
    Ordinance on amendments and supplements to the Ordinance on detailed regulations on the organisation of the Supreme People’s Procuracy promulgated on April 16, 1962
    International agreements, treaties, conventions ratified
    - January 28, 1965: Resolution ratifying a Cultural Agreement between Vietnam and the United Arab Republic
    - April 24, 1965: Resolution ratifying the Long-Term Trade Agreement between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of the United Arab Republic
    - August 19, 1970: Resolution ratifying the Trade and Payment Agreement between Vietnam and the Syrian Arab Republic
    - February 2, 1971: Resolution ratifying the Trade and Payment Agreement between Vietnam and Algeria