Voters highly value National Assembly’s 14th tenure

The 14th National Assembly was a tenure of innovation with a bold imprint that was highly valued by voters nationwide. Throughout the term it made a significant mark in terms of legislation, supreme supervision, and decision-making on critical matters facing Vietnam, largely contributing to the renewal process and increasing the country’s position in the international arena.

The 14th National Assembly was elected by voters nationwide on May 22, 2016 and operated amid a volatile world and challenges facing Vietnam. Having closely followed its activities, Nguyen Van Hiep, a Hanoi voter, greatly appreciates the achievements the National Assembly has made in recent years.

In its monitoring activities, the 14th tenure of the National Assembly achieved many important results that were recognized by the people and voters throughout the country. It focused on many pressing issues, from socio-economic matters and the State budget to culture, education, and science and technology.

But this was also the term that saw the most deputies dismissed. Voters have expressed a wish that the upcoming National Assembly election will select qualified and talented people that represent the will and aspirations of the people.

Voters also expect that anti-corruption efforts will be further strengthened. Longstanding issues regarding land and complaints that cause frustration in some localities also need to be resolved./.