Tra Vinh - A city in the forest

Experiecing rapid urbanisation and under pressure from economic growth, many green areas in large cities around Vietnam have been gradually replaced by concrete and buildings. But there is one large urban area in the Mekong Delta that seems to have escaped the phenomena, with green trees and even ancient forests continuing to exist in parallel with urban development.


Rows of tamarind and golden oak trees line green streets in the inner area of Tra Vinh city. They also express the longstanding affinity between the Mekong Delta and its trees.

Not just residents, visitors to Tra Vinh are also deeply impressed by the “green city”. Urban areas in the Mekong Delta are inherently greener, with canals and gardens being quite common. And Tra Vinh is greener than most, with about 14,000 old trees that have been cared for and protected by both the local government and people for more than half a century.

Greenery has become a historical part of this area, creating a unique cultural identity for the people and land of Tra Vinh.

Over the course of its 100 years, Tra Vinh city has faced a great deal of pressure and challenges from urban development and economic growth. This pressure encouraged the city to create specific plans that are appropriate for its own development.

It is no coincidence that Tra Vinh has become a “unique” place in terms of greenery and is referred to as “the city in the middle of the old forest”. The much-cherished “green treasure” of local people is a valuable example for other localities about the conservation and development of urban greenery./.