Protestants leads a secular and religious life

Protestants in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai while enjoying a good spirit life over the years have received strong support and assistance from the local authorities in their economic development and poverty elimination efforts.

A Sunday worship service was held at Plei Mo Nu Church, Chu A commune, Pleiku city. Like every other Sunday service, this gathering was so important for around one thousand or so local Protestants, wearing their “Sunday bests” to the mass.

Among the 5 religions found in Gia Lai, Protestantism has the most followers. Local authorities not only create good conditions for Protestants and dignitaries to practice their religion but also work to enhance their material lives by introducing many socio-economic development programmes. For example, thanks to the agricultural technical assistance from the local authorities, DJonh’s household, which has one hectare of coffee and a few hundreds of pepper trees, has seen its earning grow.

Almost all Protestants in Gia Lai are ethnic minority people. The provincial government has allowed Protestant dignitaries to establish 73 branches. In areas where these can’t be set up, followers are allowed to register for mass gatherings.

The history of the Gia Lai land is closely attached to its revolutionary traditions. Revolutionary heroes from the Central Highland province are the source of pride for not only local people but also the whole country. People from ethnic minorities and religions in the province form part of the great national unity of Vietnam. Together, they are creating abundant crops and building a happy life full of smile and singing in the high mountain and thick forest./.