National Assembly Standing Committee convenes

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue chaired the 55th session of the 14th National Assembly Standing Committee in Hanoi on April 27.

The session aims to review outcomes of the 11th meeting of the 14th National Assembly, and give initial opinions on preparations for the 15th legislature’s first session.

Participants discussed and made decisions on issues related to establishing and adjusting administrative boundaries in Hanoi and other localities.

They also debated on plans to use the remaining savings and budget sources of the central budget in 2020, and the supplementary funding for purchasing vaccines, antiseptic chemicals and national crop seeds.

National Assembly Chairman Hue praised efforts by the legislature’s agencies to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the 14th legislature’s activities, as well as their preparations for action plans and programmes towards improving the efficiency and quality of the 15th National Assembly’s activities./.