National Assembly committees have new chairpersons

The National Assembly passed a resolution on the election of chairpersons of a number of its committees on April 7, with approval of all 463 deputies present at the session.

The National Assembly elected new chairs for the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Adolescents, the Committee for Science, Technology and Environment and the Committee for External Relations.

Deputies also elected the new Secretary General of the 14th legislature, who is also the chairman of the National Assembly Office and new State Auditor General.

During the session, the legislature adopted resolutions approving the proposals on the relief of a number of Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, Government members; several Vice Chairpersons and members of the National Election Council; and a number of members of the Council on National Defence and Security.

Also on April 7, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh submitted a list of proposed personnel for a number of positions of deputy prime ministers, ministers and other cabinet members to the National Assembly for approval. Legislators’ discussion outcomes on the list will be announced on April 8 morning./.