Millennial author compiles historical chronicle

An illustrative chronicle entitled “Dong A Journey” from a young author born in 1996 has been published just recently and attracted public attention for its lively illustrations and clear explanations.

Tran Tuyet Han graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts. She was so inspired by Vietnamese history that she decided to create an illustrative chronical as her graduation project in 2018. Her journey, however, was anything but straightforward, as it took her more than three years to finish the book. Her meticulous efforts then attracted the attention of the Kim Dong Publishing House, and they decided to help her sell it under the name “Dong A Journey”. The book covers the Vietnamese people’s three victories over Mongol invaders as well as historical figures and artistic and cultural traits under the Tran Dynasty.

“Dong A Journey” is different from other chronicles as it is told from a millennial’s perspective. It may therefore touch youngsters more deeply.

The 25-year-old author is now working on another chronicle. Both books are expected to inspire local millennials and Generation Z to study Vietnamese history./.