Fruit, vegetable sector targets export revenue of 10 billion USD

The agricultural sector has determined to improve quality to meet import market standards and achieve the export target of 10 billion USD by 2030.

Recently, the Prime Minister has approved a project to develop the fruit and vegetable processing industry in the 2021-2030 period with the goal that export turnover of fruits and vegetables will reach 8-10 billion USD by 2030.

Of which, the proportion of export turnover of processed fruit and vegetable products will reach 30 per cent or more; fruit and vegetable processing capacity will reach two million tonnes per year, nearly double that of last year.

To achieve these goals, the agricultural sector will boost investment in improving the capacity of fruit and vegetable processing in the future; develop establishments for preliminary processing and preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as promoting key fruit and vegetable products and high value-added products./.