Foreign YouTubers promote Vietnam's image

Vietnam meets Dustin, Max McFarlin, CeeJay, HanQuocBros, and Cheri Hyeri are all YouTube channels run by foreign YouTubers that have gone viral among Vietnamese netizens in recent years thanks to their attractive videos featuring Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and tourism.

The creative YouTubers come from various countries, like the US, Nigeria, and the Republic of Korea.

They act as online “tour guides”, providing viewers with insights into the beauty of Vietnam.

They have a huge number of followers, with views in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

Their videos on Vietnamese tourism, culture, and people have garnered huge attention from netizens around the world.

Beyond introducing their own experiences, the foreign YouTubers called for donations for natural disaster victims.

They have helped promote Vietnam’s image in the international arena by praising Vietnam’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

With their affection for Vietnam, the YouTubers have captured the hearts of local youngsters./.