Dak Lak pushes mass mobilisation work ahead of election day

Provinces in the Central Highlands have a large number of migrants coming to live and work. To contribute to the overall success of National Election Day, slated for May 23, since March the Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation has strengthened its popularisation work on the upcoming election in remote areas, where there are many ethnic minority people and migrants.

This working team from the Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee’s Mass Mobilisation Commission and Krong Pak district authorities at all levels is visiting local households to promote the upcoming national election, on May 23.

This gathering in Ea Sup district saw the involvement of nearly 400 ethnic minority people. Mass mobilisation officers used the ethnic minority language to convey information on the election, answer questions, and interact with local people.

The Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee’s Mass Mobilization Commission has also prepared plans to ensure security and order./.