Da Nang targets being int’l sea urban area

According to Da Nang’s adjusted planning by 2030 and a vision to 2045, a number of large-scale projects are to be built in the central coastal city. These are expected to turn it into a coastal urban area that plays a role as a growth driver in the central region.

With investment of over 147 million USD, Lien Chieu Port, once operational, will be the largest deep-water port in the central region. As Da Nang is a strategic gateway to the sea on the East-West Economic Corridor, Lien Chieu Port will be a driving force of the city and the central region in general. It is also expected to improve logistics in the region.

According to insiders, Da Nang city has been relying on tourism for a long time. The adjusted planning by 2030 and vision to 2045 therefore has more focus on high-technology and logistics, which are necessary for the city’s development.

Under the new planning scheme, Da Nang looks to become a multi-sector development hub in Vietnam and ASEAN.

Specifically, it expects to become a centre of innovation, trade, finance, logistics, high-tech industries, supporting industries, and information technology (IT), and a city of global supply chains and a regional sea and port-based economic power./.