Da Nang strives to become one of Asia’s metropolises

Becoming a centrally governed city in 1997, after 24 years, Da Nang has strongly developed, becoming a central hub of central Vietnam. The city has also strived to become one of Asia’s metropolises in the near future.

From an underdeveloped city with old and temporary houses by Han river, after 24 years, Da Nang has become a big urban city in the central region with massive changes in all spheres, including infrastructure, and is home to industrial parks capable of manufacturing airplane’s spare parts, and modern administrative centres.

Aiming to develop Da Nang as a developed city in the Asia, many strategic projects have been deployed in the city, including the Lien Chieu Port, the second-phase of Da Nang IT Park, among other key works to create a driving force to boost the city’s economic structure, especially amid the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite being seriously hit by the COVID-19, the city has overcome difficulties, striving to become a highlight of economic development of the country. During 2015-2020, the city has signed cooperation agreements with several countries, foreign groups. The city also welcomed more than 430 foreign business working groups from the USA, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore, among others, helping to bring the city’s image closer to the region and the world./.