Coast guards, local people join hands to clean up beach

Cleaning up the beach and planting trees are among the many activities held within the “Clean the beach” campaign of the Coast Guard Command and the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang in recent times. The campaign aims to raise awareness about environmental and sovereignty protection in coastal localities around Vietnam.


Tan Thanh Beach in Go Cong Dong district in Tien Giang province attracts many tourists in the Mekong Delta, but this results in large volumes of garbage.

Coast Guard officers and soldiers, young people, and local people spent an entire morning cleaning up garbage from the coast, which stretches more than 5 km.

The coast was cleared and hundreds of trees planted, creating a natural barrier protecting the coast from erosion caused by wind and waves.

Lessons on environmental protection come from reality and are taught to local people and children through many activities, such as the “I love the islands of the homeland” contest, where students are provided with knowledge on the seas and islands and the importance of preserving the marine environment and protecting sovereignty over the islands.

Education about seas and islands is a task conducted regularly by the Vietnam Coast Guard over past years in coastal cities and provinces nationwide. It not only enhances people’s understanding of seas and islands but also increases the community’s sense of responsibility in preserving the environment and the sovereignty of islands.

Vietnam is a coastal country with a coastline stretching 3,260 km, boasting precious resources. Understanding the country’s seas and islands helps everyone improve their sense of responsibility for protecting, preserving, and promoting the values of national seas and islands./.