Citizens on Truong Sa islands ready for election day

The election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and members of all level People’s Councils is a major political event in Vietnam, attracting the attention of all citizens, including those in remote areas. Join us to see how the soldiers and people in the island district of Truong Sa have been preparing for the election.


The islands in Truong Sa district are decorated with banners and posters about the upcoming election day on May 23. Local residents and soldiers are now able to study candidates’ information and the voting rules at various public venues.

Despite insufficient facilities, all preparatory works on the islands are now basically completed.

As Truong Sa island district is far from the mainland, voters will cast their votes earlier than people elsewhere. Communications campaigns have been continually broadcast on the radio so that fishermen can also stay abreast of election matters. If they are fishing at sea on election day, they are able to cast a vote on any island within Truong Sa island district.

After seeing that all preparatory works have been basically completed, voters in Truong Sa island district are feeling excited about electing suitable candidates who will convey their will and aspirations to legislative bodies at all levels./.